April was a month of podcasts for me more than music. While I still listened to a reasonable amount of music, racking up 24 different albums, the standouts were definitely the podcasts. Here’s my Last.fm monthly report.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 13.53.44

Highlights of the Month

Reply All


My podcast app of choice, Pocket Casts, is chalk full of podcast subscriptions that I rarely get around to. I tend to listen to podcasts when I’m┬ádriving or playing non-narrative video games, and because I did both a great deal this month, I got around to more podcasts than I’m used to. I tend to tackle my podcasts in order of theme, starting with video games (Giant Bombcast, Giant Beastcast, Idle Thumbs, and Rebel FM), economics (Freakonomics, Planet Money), current affairs (The Weeds, Ezra Klein Show, The Gist, Talk of the Nation, The Current) and lastly narrative (This American Life, Startup, Radiolab, 99% Invisible).

I tend to enjoy Gimlet podcasts so preparing for my drive to and from Toronto, I downloaded a bunch of new podcasts to try along the way. When I played Reply All, I became hooked. I enjoyed it because the hosts were guys that I could identify with. They spent a lot of time on the internet (probably too much) and found some of the most interesting stories that came from it or happened on it. Weeks later, I’m still thinking about the exiled Jew, Shulem Deen (Exit & Return) and┬áJamie Keiles thoughts on being depressed online (What It Looks Like). It’s a great combination of storytelling, human insight, and life. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I catch up to the current episodes.

Weezer – White Album (2016)


This album grew on me. The first listen was a bit flat, despite loving the sing-along (Girl We Got A) Good Thing, I wasn’t too impressed. Something about it kept drawing me back throughout the month, like a puzzle I was close to solving. By the end of the month it was the album I listened to the most and have developed an appreciation for, and an album I would put not far behind the first few in their discography.

The Song Exploder podcast did a great episode on the writing of Summer Elaine and Drunk Dory which definitely made me appreciate the song a bit more, and Rivers Cuomo as a songwriter.

Alpine – Yuck (2015)


I think I must have stumbled upon Alpine in the heat of the chillwave craze, setting it aside in my collection like a squirrel saving nuts for winter, yet never getting around to listening to it. In my hunt for something new to listen to I realized I had this and gave it a go, and boy am I glad I did.

There’s something I love about the somewhat ethereal atmosphere throughout the album’s duration. I’ve listened to it a handful of times and I keep going back for more when I need something to work to. The vocals are beautiful and I can’t help but bob my head and dance in public when Foolish comes on. It’s airy and poppy in the exact way I’ve needed my music to be this past month, and it will definitely be getting some more play in the future.

Honourable Mentions