WIFF Consumer Profiles

Development, Marketing, Social Media

Each year the marketing team for the Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) sits down and tries to squeeze more out of our budget. While we felt we had a good grasp of our audience and how to get the word out to them, we knew we could do it better. In 2013, the Marketing Director and I sat down to figure out how we could do just that.


One of the key aspects of the TIFF 2013 campaign was the “What’s Your Festival Personality?” images plastered throughout the city.┬áThere were The Rush-Line Gurus, that purchase tickets last minute, Stargazers, that were camped on the red carpet looking for celebrities, and The Extended Lunch Breakers who took time off of work to enjoy the festival. I took this as a launching point for a thought experiment to figure out how we could use the behaviours of our patrons to better tailor our messaging to them.

Hunkered down in the TIFF Bell Lightbox and thought to ourselves what our Arbiter of Taste, Adventurer, or Globetrotter looked like and began to segment by geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behaviouralistic characteristics. We emerged with eight distinct profiles and found that in some cases, the areas that we were spending money to reach a certain audience were already being covered by another medium better. In addition, we developed a greater understanding as to what profiles were the most important for us to hit. The Arbiter of Taste as the “movie guy” of their friend circle was incredibly influential, needed less education on the product, and became a focal point for our efforts even though they represented a smaller portion of our audience.

Upon rolling out a new marketing plan with these eight consumer profiles, we had record sales and attendance, resulting in a dramatically increased ROI. With each year since, we’ve used our sales data to refine and update the profiles to fit our audience, with each year doing better and better than the previous.

WIFF 2013 Consumer Profile - Stargazer